Custom Tuning

808 Performance Specialties offers on-site dyno tuning services with our DynoJet 248 dyno, providing you with an accurate measurement of your vehicles power output where it matters the most, the tire. We've worked with a number of different engine management systems over the years and are recognized tuners for Haltech, HP Tuners, AEM and Holley EFI systems to name a few. Our custom tunes are just that...custom, written from scratch, specifically for your vehicle and modifications. 

Have questions about dyno tuning? We know it can be confusing so give us a call and we'll help you figure out what the best options are for your setup and budget. 

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It's true that the bulk of our business is built around late model performance vehicles, but our roots are still muscle car oriented. Whether you've got a weekend warrior or an all out drag car, we can help you fine tune your fuel delivery.

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Factory ECU

Just spent a bunch on quality aftermarket parts but your vehicle just doesn’t feel right? Or just added new gears or over sized wheels and now your speedometer is off? With the increase of control that the computers in late model vehicles now have, it has become even more imperative for customers to have a tune written for the modifications done to their vehicles. Fortunately, HPT has the knowlege and access to the software needed to help you out with all of your late model tuning needs.


Stand-Alone Engine Management

Due to their capacities and complexity, stand-alone EMS systems have historically been best suited for race oriented vehicles. However, due to the leading-edge technology and specific output of many of today's import and direct injected domestic street cars need this level of control to keep the power flowing reliably.

There are several different configurations and manufacturer's of standalone engine management systems. To properly select one, you will need to know what you'll be doing with it, any future upgrades you might have planned out, data acquisition needs and budget.

For help selecting the right system for your vehicle, give us a call, and we'll gladly help you out!